Situated just outside of our Nation’s Capital, our ministry provides comfort to those in our community (and outside of our community) who are facing crisis situations and life hurdles. Capital Comfort’s mission is to provide people of all ages with comfort. We are a ministry of Our Savior’s Way Lutheran Church.

Why Comfort?

We live in painful times and tragedy can hit any community at any moment. We have seen incredible pain and loss experienced across the country. Our goal is to be there for those faced with navigating painful life-changing experiences, whether through tragedy, illness, deployment, or any other situation of pain one is experiencing.

As a ministry of Our Savior’s Way Lutheran Church, our organization of volunteers are trained to provide comfort through a broad range of services, helping to ensure that nobody is left to suffer, grieve, or navigate their pain alone.

How We Serve

Community Comfort

Look for Amos out and about meeting friends in our community!

Crisis Comfort

When a crisis occurs our team is trained to respond with the help of our comfort dog.

Service Comfort

Bringing comfort to those who protect and serve, and their families.

Comfort in Action