Frequently Asked Questions

Email Nikki at Nikki@oswlc.org. You can also contact the ministry coordinators through Facebook at Amos Comfort Dog.

Contact Nikki at Nikki@oswlc.org if you would like to become a helper or a handler. We greatly appreciate your prayers for the continued success of the ministry. We also know that without your support, our ministry would not be as successful.

Dogs are bred for the purpose of becoming LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs. Breeders are carefully chosen by examining blood lines of sires and dames. Individual dogs are tested at eight weeks to see if they exhibit characteristics of quiet, passive future dogs.

Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) employs trainers who in turn teach volunteers. These volunteers work in groups of two to raise and train the puppies. Special attention is paid to time periods so that the growing puppies do not become attached to one individual. This is essential for the life they will lead in their future congregations and with their future teams.

The dogs are all named by LCC when they are puppies. Over the time period of placing dogs, different reasons have been used for names they have been given.

Bible verses are also chosen when the dogs are still puppies. Their name and personality are taken into consideration.

LCC Comfort Dogs are working dogs. LCC Comfort Dogs have received extensive socialization training so they are accustomed to working in many different situations with multiple handlers.

Once a dog is placed in a congregation or school, ownership is transferred from LCC to the church or school. Daily care of the dog is the responsibility of the caregiver family. After the dog’s service life is concluded, at retirement, the dog remains with the caregiver family as their pet.

Financial needs of the ministry are not included in the budget of the church or school. Rather, the ministry is conducted strictly by donations with 100% of the money donated being used for the care and ministry of the comfort dog.

Each congregation or school decides how to raise the money for its dog. For some, fund raisers are used.  For others, individuals are asked to help contribute the money. But no matter how the money is raised, it is off the church budget and therefore does not negatively impact other existing ministries once the dog arrives.

Without the donations of many individuals, this ministry would not be possible. Donations are accepted here.